Aluminum Framing

Aluminum Framing

As a strong metal with low density, aluminum offers durability and stability that no other framing material can provide. Using patented technology developed by Rapid Deployable Systems, Cat Five Houses has designed metal framing engineered to withstand catastrophic natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. The patented aluminum frame system is designed and engineered to compete with the strength of steel by concentrating the aluminum and grounding the frame system in trusses deep enough to provide a strong foundation to protect the home from dangerous natural events.

Why Build with Aluminum?

Strength and Flexibility are imperative to a structure’s resistance from the forces of Mother Nature, as it is primarily the bending of the frame from high winds or horizontal tremors that result in structural damage. As the strong gusts of a hurricane or tornado push into buildings, Cat Five’s aluminum frame is able to slightly bend and absorb the wind force, then return to its natural structural position. Other frame materials such as wood, concrete, and steel either break from flex pressure, or can’t retain their original shape after being bent.

Aside from its strength and flexibility, aluminum also naturally forms a surface layer of aluminum oxide that creates a physical barrier to corrosion. Salt air in coastal regions will cause other metals to rust, while termites will eat through wood framing, making aluminum the most resistant building material to natural decay available.

Why Other Framing Materials Aren’t a Safe Investment

Steel: A strong but very dense metal, meaning that any horizontal flexing could permanently alter the frame from its original structure. Steel is also highly susceptible to rust, especially in coastal areas where the air contains saltwater, causing steel to erode and weaken over time.

Concrete: Offers strength but is a very stiff material. Concrete’s brittle texture provides minimal elasticity and will completely crumble under enough horizontal pressure. Concrete is also susceptible to cracking from freeze/thaw cycles, which will weaken its structure over time.

Wood: The cheapest frame material, and for good reason. Wood is the weakest of commonly used materials and is also highly susceptible to termites and mold. If you are building a house in an area prone to dangerous weather a house with a wood frame will not offer reliable structural protection.

New Construction

Cat Five Houses aluminum framing system can be customized to a homeowner or architect's preferred home design.

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Investing in the long term protection of your home from dangerous weather isn’t limited to new homes. Our aluminum framing system can also be customized to existing homes when homeowners are undergoing home renovations that include structural improvements.

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