Earthquake Resistant Engineering

Earthquake tremors are completely unpredictable and can destroy entire buildings and homes. The West Coast is highly susceptible to seismic activity, but other areas of the United State are considered high hazard earthquake areas based on fault lines, including Cat Five’s home state of South Carolina.

Earthquake Resistant Custom Home Design

Contemporary buildings are constructed to withstand vertical force, though the shockwaves from earthquakes create horizontal oscillations which are the main cause for multi-story structure damage. The majority of earthquake resistant construction is dedicated to commercial buildings, but the Cat Five Houses patented RDS Aluminum Frame System makes it possible for a homeowner to build a home that is designed to mitigate the destructive effects of seismic activity.

Cat Five’s patented RDS aluminum frame materials are engineered to endure horizontal movements to protect homes from earthquakes as strong as magnitude 8 on the Richter scale. Engineered to withstand the strongest of tremors, our innovative frame is built for durability while allowing the architectural freedom to construct your dream home.

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